La Isla de Oko, selected for UK New Spanish Books

La Isla de Oko: Sonríe, by Katia Klein and Rut Pedreño, will be included in the New Spanish Books list for 2023-2024

La Isla de Oko: Sonríe is composed by several short stories in which two very different half brothers, Oko and Leo, manage to find a way to avoid boredom and have great adventures. 

This comic shows other family environments that are present in our society, as Leo is the son of Oko's father second wife. It is intended to help young children to understand the different types of family that exist and in occasions, identify with other half brothers. 

Rut Pedreño's art and Katia Klein's scripts are brimming with humour and ideas: clouds argue, the bus is shaped like a multicolour silkworm and houses are mushrooms. 

Thanks to its vivid and full colour, this is perfect book for early readers who can find in it the door to the magical world of reading.

This title has just been selected to participate in the 2023-24 edition of the New Spanish Books - UK panel, that has been made public on November 2023.