New English sample translation for Red & Blue by Sara Soler

A new English sample translation for Red & Blue by Sara Soler is now available

The sample can be downloaded via this link.

Red & Blue, winner of the 2nd edition of Carnet Jove Connecta't al Còmic in 2017, presents us with a thrilling and hilarious adventure of two young fighters with very current problems in a dazzling world inhabited by dragons, monsters and ruthless beings. Sara Soler (Barbastro, Huesca, 1992) started her professional career as a cartoonist in 2017 and since then she has worked for several Spanish and American publishers. She has published books such as En la oscuridad (Planeta), an adaptation of the classic Robinson Crusoe (RBA), Dr. Horrible: Best Friends Forever, Plants vs. Zombies vol. 14 (with Dark Horse), or US (Astiberri), which began as an awarded self-published fanzine and was turned into a graphic novel in 2021 now translated by Dark Horse in English with great success. French and Brazilian editions will be in the market soon. Her latest work is Season of the Bruja, scripted by Aaron Durán (Oni Press).